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Income Tax Planning and Preperation

A well-designed tax strategy can revitalize any enterprise. With a rapidly changing tax climate, a Tax Attorney can assist today's business owners by staying in front of the changing regulations, emerging incentives, and evolving standards for tax compliance.

Analysing Data

Tax Services

This certainly isn’t a complete list, but my responsibilities as a tax preparer include:

  • Preparing your income tax returns correctly, based on the information provided

  • Limiting your tax exposure (or maximizing your refund) by taking advantage of all legal deductions, credits, etc.

  • Counseling you into compliance with federal, state, and local income tax regulations

  • Amending prior year tax returns prepared by a different tax preparer

  • Filing extensions when necessary


Your responsibilities as a client and taxpayer include:

  • Providing me with accurate information in a timely fashion. You must inform me of all income you have received during the year (whether or not it was reported to you on a tax form such as a W-2 or 1099), and you must provide me with accurate lists of relevant expenses, deductions, etc. (I will certainly file an extension for you if you request one.)

  • Maintaining accurate records of all relevant tax information. This includes keeping copies of all tax forms, as well as any receipts that are related to deductions or expenses you have claimed on your tax return.

  • Notifying me of any changes after your tax return is filed. 

  • Complying with all federal, state, and local tax regulations. 



Other Services


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